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The final products size adjustment devices are different. The HJ series jaw crusher adopts wedge adjustment device while the PE series jaw crusher adopts gasket adjustment device.The max feed sizes are different. The max feed size of HJ series jaw crusher is 800mm while the max feed size of PE series jaw crusher is 1020mm.

the materials is the crushing cavity composed of fixed jaw plate , movable jaw plate and cheek plate can be crushed and discharged through the discharging opening.This machine is driven by motor, through the motor’s wheels , the eccentric shaft is driven by the “v” belt and slot wheel to make the movable jaw plate move along a regulated track .

g.) As a result, a "gold-cyanide complex" is produced during contact between the ore and the leaching solution with this term being defined to involve a chemical complex containing one or more gold ions stoichiometrically combined with at least one or more cyanide ions(CN)- !. NaSCN, KSCN, or Ca(SCN)2.In order to recover elemental gold (Au) from gold-containing ore, traditional methods involve treating the ore with one or more aqueous (e. A typical reaction sequence in which a gold-cyanide complex is produced using a selected cyanide ion-containing leaching solution is as follows:. Other cyanide-containing materials (e. The Au(CN)2 -1 complex has a high level of stability with a Kf of about 2×1038.g. cyanide compounds) which may be used for this purpose include but are not limited to gaseous hydrogen cyanide (HCN. lactonitrile), and/or thiocyanates (e.g.g. This complex will typically consist of Au(CN)2 -1 (also known as an "aurocyanide ion") which is associated with one or more counter-ions including, for example, Na+ when NaCN is employed in the leaching solution, K+ when KCN is used, and Ca+2 when Ca(CN)2 is involved. water-containing) cyanide-containing leaching solutions, with this term encompassing a wide variety of different dissolved cyanide compounds including sodium cyanide (NaCN), potassium cyanide (KCN), and calcium cyanideCa(CN)2 !.sub.(g)), ammonium cyanide (NH4 CN), organic alpha-hydroxy cyanides (e.

machine belts k. s.a

Pendant l'opération de broyage, toutes les pièces mobiles sont à l'intérieur du broyeur. Les résines de scellement pour les mâchoires ne sont plus nécessaires, ce qui est apprécié des exploitants et respectueux de l'environnement. MX est conçu pour être le broyeur à cône le plus sûr à faire fonctionner et à entretenir. La conception simple du MX permet également un démontage facile ne nécessitant aucune chauffe de composant. Les dispositifs de levage et les outils hydrauliques assurent une maintenance simple et sûre.

This is probably caused co-combustion of biomass (because only this sample of fly ash has different technology of combustion) where in this case a grains of cenospheres and pleospheres are smaller than in rest of tested fly ashes. In order to objectively show the size of the particles that make up the given ash, one magnification (4000×) was selected.The analysis of SEM micrographs of fly ashes is shown in Fig. Even in the sample F4004, spherical aluminosilicate enamel particles are still visible. Increase of reaction surface resulting from milling should provide the synthesis environment with a significant number of new crystallization centers and arouse more intensively nucleation processes. Based on the author’s experience it is very meaningful from the point of view of zeolite synthesis. The figure shows one SEM image from each fly ash with derivatives after grinding process. 2d) showed the highest resistance to the milling process. Fly ash from Power Plant Połaniec (Fig. In this case promotion of heterogeneous nucleation is expected—and consequently increase the efficiency of zeolite synthesis including purity and crystallinity level of the final product. Probably this is the result of greater share of finer particles in comparison to other fly ashes being investigated. It is in accordance with the results of PSA and shows the effects of the progressive process of grinding the starting material for synthesis. There is a visible trend showing the disintegration of spherical and irregular fly ash particles through the grinding process. 2 below. Fragmentation of fly ash samples should result in an increase of the reaction surface during dissolution of aluminosilicate glass and, consequently, it should lead to obtaining more material for zeolites crystallization.

For the determination of the chemical compositions, in particular Au, Ag, As, and total Fe, a sample was pretreated by aqua regia digestion and analyzed using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS) using a Shimadzu AA-7000 (Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan) from Japan. The mineral compositions were determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) using an X’Pert Pro MRD (Philips, Amsterdam, The Netherland) from PANalytical in the Netherlands. The rest of the ore sample was crushed and pulverized to 0.075 mm size, using a disc mill. The major element composition was determined by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) using a Rigaku ZSX Primus II (Rigaku, Tokyo, Japan) from Japan.A polished section was prepared of the ore sample and studied under reflected light microscopy to identify the ore minerals.

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