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crushing plant 150 tonnes per hour

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Materials fall into the hopper and then through the central well enter the high speed rotator which will throw out the materials with high speed. Thirdly, the falling materials with the shoot materials form a continuous materials curtain. Secondly, materials strike the materials-liner in the vortex or the impact liner and are rebounded to the top of crushing cavity and then deflecting fall down. Lastly, crushed materials be discharged from the under discharging opening. Firstly, the materials strike with the materials that are free falling down.

Zenith is at the poineer in developing mining and beneficiation technology to meet modern requirements for high efficiency and low operating costs. As global supplier and manufacturer of crushing plant, grinding mill and beneficiation equipment, we developed comprehensive line of copper ore beneficiation plant for sale including extraction plant, crushing machine, grinding mill, screening machine, conveying system, flotation machine, gravity separator, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, furnace, dewatering machine, centrifugal separation machine, processing equipment etc.

Cone crusher machines have many different series according to the actual demands for all kinds of stones and ores processing. For example, the py series cone crusher machine is one of the common series of cone crusher machines. So, how about the functions of py cone crusher machines?. The py series cone crusher machines have widely applications in the mining industry for processing all kinds of stones and ores.

crushing plant 150 tonnes per hour

Zinc slag fuming is the reductive treatment of molten slag to recover dissolved zinc oxide.Zinc slag fuming was developed to remove and recover zinc from lead blast frunace slag. Zenith provides high performance zinc slag separation machine for sale. The process is carried out in a rectangular water-jacketed furnace on a batch basis.

The atmosphere for the heat treatment may be oxidizing atmosphere, reducing atmosphere, argon gas atmosphere, N2 gas atmosphere, ammonia gas atmosphere, vacuum and combination thereof, which can selected properly depending on the application use and function.The heat treatment may be applied either after the coarse pulverization or after the fine pulverization of the ingots of synthetic mica. Heat treatment is preferably applied after the fine pulverization and classification, since it is excellent in view of shortening the processing time and improving the effect. For the system and facility of applying heat treatment to the synthetic mica, all of known methods can be applied such as an external heating type heating furnace, an internal heating type heating furnace, a rotary kiln, etc.

Slip can occur more often at start up as well asoverload conditions or when the pre-tension is too low.With the help of this device the overloading of a transfer point is registered.This device detects the belt tension changes during different working condi-tions such as starting, braking and load variations.21.This device detects the force transmission between belt and drive pulley. With an overload, contact is made with the probe and the installa-tion is switched off.To avoid such damage the following remedies are possible.Slitting open of conveyor belts is a relatively frequent cause of damage whichleads to prolonged interruptions and incurs great costs.• Textile or Steel breaker ply embedded in the cover rubber• Bunched steel cords are embedded in the carrying side cover set at fixedspacing. In most cases itstems from sharp edged pieces of material being trapped in the transferchute.Belt tension detectionOff track detectionChute detectionBelt Slip detectionLongitudinal SlittingSafety DeviceIllustration of the transversereinforcement in a FERROFLEX Belt.A contact probe is suspended in the chute and adjusted to the required mate-rial flow.A tensiometer measures the changing belt tensions.An off-track of the belt can be limited or corrected by means of a number ofmechanical devices.• Rip detection loops at approximately 50 to 100m spacings vulcanised intothe belt. If the off-track is not adjusted the installation isbrought to a halt. As soon as the definedlimits of the upper and lower belts tensions are exceeded a signal is transmit-ted to the take-up unit.• Carcase with a high resistance to longitudinal slittings such as DunlopFERROFLEX belt or DUNLOPLAST belt.If a deviation beyond the defined limits is detected a motorized steering sys-tem is set into operation. Another possibility is to track the belt with light beams.Too great or too long a duration of slip leads to overheating of the pulley sur-face which can lead to fire. They serve to prevent accidents, to guard theconveyor belt and to run and automize the complete installation.7.1Detection DevicesFor the operation of complex belt conveyor installations a range of safetydevices were developed.

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