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screw washery, salt, brine flow

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Cone crusher is used to crush the stone into small particles that are suitable for the feed opening of the sand making machine. Vibrating screen is used to separate the big particles out and send them for re-crushing.In a black metal sand making plant, there are always primary crusher, secondary crusher, screen and sand making machine and sand washing machine. Sand making machine is used to crush the particles into sand. Generally, jaw crusher is used as primary crushing equipment and used to crush the bulk black stone into smaller ones. Sand washing machine is used to wash the dust out from the sand. For black stone, we suggest cone crusher as the secondary or fine crusher.

Zenith not only provides efficient separators but also provides attentive service to the customers. Even the specific working condition of these separators are different, they all designed and developed on the basis of years’ experience and research and combines the feedback of the customers.As a leading manufacturer, Zenith can provide CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator, CT Series Wet Magnetic Separator and ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator. In order to have a better communication with the customers, we set up branches in many countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, the UAE and so on.

Because of the high hardness of marble, we adopt jaw crusher and cone crusher as primary crushing equipment and secondary crushing equipment instead of impact crusher and hammer crusher. Vibrating screen grades and separates the particles into different gradations for different applications. Jaw crusher and cone crusher work together to process the marble scrap into small particles with required sizes.In marble scrap crushing plant, we need feeder, primary crusher, secondary/ fine crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor.

screw washery, salt, brine flow

The ballast that are unqualified returns to the crushing plant for crushing again. Finally, through vsi crusher stones mainly are cubic in shape. Vibrating screen is used as screening machine to screen out the different size of ballast. In ballast crushing plant, stones firstly enter into Jaw crusher for primary crushing, then through belt conveyor evenly enter into impact crusher or cone crusher for fine crushing.In order to get the eligible stones for highway and railway, quarry usually use the complete ballast crushing plant.

Tseng et al. adopted AHP to formulate a comprehensive index system of water saving and waste reduction in the textile printing and dyeing industry [32]. However, weighting scoring systems are often based on expert judgement and can sometimes be extremely biased, so the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) model was introduced. Jia et al. Canan et al. established a comprehensive index framework and evaluated the cleaner production in the vanadium extraction industry using the FAHP model [34]. used AHP to discuss how different decision criteria (such as organization, system and technology, measurement, and feedback) affect the efficiency of cleaner production during the manufacturing process of water pressure plates in the hydropower industry [31]. Zhu and Huang used the FAHP model to analyze the production of the fuel ethanol industry in terms of production technology characteristics, resource and energy use, comprehensive use, and pollutant generation [35].AHP is a decision-making method that divides elements related to cleaner production into objectives, criteria, and schemes, and is used to conduct qualitative and quantitative comprehensive analysis. evaluated the sustainability of grid electrolysis (electricity from fossil fuels), wind electrolysis, photovoltaic (PV) electrolysis, nuclear thermochemical water splitting cycles, solar thermochemical water splitting cycles, and photoelectrochemical cells using fuzzy AHP [36]. Tong et al. Peng and Li used the FAHP model to evaluate cleaner production in the aviation industry and to identify the causes of high energy consumption and pollution [33]. Researchers have completed in-depth analyses in multiple industries.

After the white smoke emerged from the filtrate, 2 mL (37 wt %) hydrochloric acid was added and diluted with water to 50 mL, and the Mn content was detected via titration method.The Mn contents of ores, leaching solution or leaching residues were detected via ammonium ferrous sulfate titration method [4].2 g of the sample was diluted in 40 mL (1 wt %) perchloric acid at boiling water for 30 min and then filtrated and heated to measure the content of MnCO3 in mineral and residue. Then, 0.

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