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It should be noted that when adjusting the row ore mouth row ore mouth size does not allow less than the specified size.After adjusted, can adjust ring will gently lift, at the same time when rotate crusher, can put into the crushing chamber shot, four relative position along the circumference of a circle crushing cavity. problems in the design to measure the row ore mouth adjustment is correct.

All of these large scale jaw crusher machines have high quality with reasonable price and have been used in many rock production lines in the world, such as the Sudan gold ore production line, Kenya limestone production line and so on.

Even though the capacity differ from 5 t/h - 300 ton/h.Jaw crusher is type of limestone Crusher that will be the principal limestone crusher machine, it really is feed dimension is usually as much as 1000mm, plus the last size of limestone dust may possibly be adjusted from 10-100 mm. Jaw crusher has many designs which include PE-750~1060, PE-1000~1200.

gulin mobile machine 913

In the known stone crushing and pulverising apparatus the major part of the energy supplied is transformed into heat since the bodies to be pulverised slide under pressure in relation to one another and are thereby elastically or permanently deformed. This construction does not allow of a higher acceleration as the forces produced by the oscillating masses are not com pensated and the driving elements are unable to take up large acceleration forces. per second, but the peak value of the acceleration in this construction does not exceed about 2. per second. This is to be ascribed to the fact that during the impact together of the crusher jaws frictional and crushing actions are mainly exerted on the material and not the more favorable impact action. This speed is insufficient to achieve an impact action on the material. In order to improve the efficiency of the crusher, the crushing operation must be so carried out that the bodies to be crushed do not lie close to one another in the mouth of the crusher and that at each working stroke as few grains as possible are subjected to impact at great speed.2 to 2. per second in order to achieve a sufficient impact action. Jaw crushers are however known in which the mean speed of the crushing jaws is about 40-50 cm. I. Consequently, the pulverising efficiency of these crushers is only very small. The mean speed of the crusher jaws amounts, in a normal jaw crusher, to about 10-20 cm.6 times the value of gravity. This results in the loosening of the material located in the mouth of the crusher and a travelling speed of the material through the mouth of the crusher sufficient for the high speed of oscillation. The mean speed of the oscillating crusher jaws should be about 35-60 cm. To achieve a sufficient efficiency of the crusher at these high impact speeds, it is however necessary that the time of oscillation and the time of fall of the grain held between the crusher jaws and afterwards freed should bear a definite relation to one another. A comparatively large amount of energy is transformed uselessly into heat so that the power required is very high. The falling grain should meet the returning crusher jaw at the moment when the jaw, after passing through its outer dead centre, has already reached a substantial speed so that the grain is hurled by the crusher jaw into the mouth of the crusher. Only a small part of the material is stressed to the breaking point and pulverised.

Adopt technique scheme, native system is by closed warehouse of sludge and coal bunker are set, therefore can avoid mud stink and coal dust to the diffusion of atmospheric environment; Mud drying pipe in warehouse of sludge contacts by preliminarily dried with high-temperature flue gas/black furnace cigarette blending agent, enter in the lump and in mud lapping device, be milled to very thin particle diameter, and carry out degree of depth heat exchange with drying medium, moisture in mud declines to a great extent, the primary mixture grinding is after separator carries out the separation of gas powder, and the high weary gas containing wetting is re-used as powder feeding medium dewatered sludge is sent in boiler and burnt after apparatus for recovering cooling condensation reduces humidity.No matter be which kind of scheme, all can produce huge energy-saving effect.Native system removes the SOx in flue gas, NOx by denitration integrated device is set.Native system, by turbine discharge residual heat using device is set, utilizes turbine discharge waste-heat city tap-water, improves running water temperature, thereby reduce city dweller, adds the fuel that hot tap-water consumes; Two of its preferred scheme is in the coastal area that lacks fresh water, and the cooling medium with seawater as turbine discharge that is to say the heat source as desalinization with turbine discharge, by low-temperature evaporation desalination technology, prepares fresh water.In this process, mud and high-temperature flue gas carry out direct contact heat transfer, can significantly improve speed and the treating capacity of drying sludge, reclaim the waste heat of dry weary gas, reduce energy consumption for drying, and reduce the moisture that mud is brought boiler into, thereby reduce boiler export flue gas dew point temperature and heat loss due to exhaust gas, improve boiler thermal output; Because oxygen content in flue gas is very low, therefore can guarantee the security of drying system, avoid blasting.

It gives an overview of the purpose of the respective publication, the allocation method, type of data, boundaries, if input parameter definitions exist and, based on these, our decision for consideration and inclusion in the data summaries shown in the results section below.Table 1 contains a basic description of the publications analyzed and if they were considered in the analysis.

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